Quick Solutions for Every Meal

Many people get demotivated to start a healthy lifestyle for the hard time to prepare a healthy meal. Well that is not a problem again. Do not worry, we bring you a solution to prepare healthy meal with no hustle bustle and in an easy way.

Here the simple, easy, quick and most importantly healthy food menu to help you have an easy light smooth start on healthy lifestyle.

Morning, it’s breakfast time!

Combination of yogurt, granola and fresh fruits will never ever bring a boredom for you. Toss a cup of granola on the bowl, add slice of fresh fruit of your likeness then topped with yogurt, the unsweet plain would be better. Green juice could be another choice to start your day.

Lunch time!

Here sometimes come the problem, where you at the office or away from home it could be problematic to maintain the healthy lifestyle. But do not worry much on it.

Sandwiches or wraps will do. If you want to prepare in advance, a simple whole wheat bread with greens and ham, sausage, eggs, salmon or everything in between will do. You could consume a little extra on lunch which include some carbo, rice will do. Stir fried rice with chicken or combine with peas, brown rice slightly better than its sister.

Then it comes to dinner!

When it comes to dinner, the best suggestion is to reduce the carbo intake. Go with the meat, grilled steak will do. Or salad, pasta and chicken. The combination will endless, just choose wisely on the way you prepare your dinner. Not much oily thing, not much fat, and some green on it. Carbonara with Caesar salad will do right?

Snacking is not a sin!

Yeah we are all agree on this one thing that snacking always associated with something unforgivable. But no more! Snacking could be healthy too. You could be snacking in between breakfast and lunch also lunch to dinner time. Simple tuna salad will do if you feel a hunger, the lists will never end if we talked on the healthy snacking menu. Fruit salads, fresh fruits, yogurt, the combination of them and also chips will do, just consume it on the serving suggestion.

Sounds fun right? On the bottom line, we must agree that a healthy lifestyle is not as hard as what we imagine. Just make sure what we consume comes from the right way, quality above quantity. The same value that YUMMY bring on to promote a healthy lifestyle. Ensure that all of its various yogurt and cheese products produce with high quality ingredients only, YUMMY does know the value of the healthy living!