YUMMY Dairy Cream Cheese, the Freshness of Cream Cheese Product

YUMMY Dairy ensure that only high-quality milk used on its products. The farm fresh milk from YUMMY’s dairy farm being transported each morning to the YUMMY Dairy factory, within 90 minutes of leaving the farm the milk transformed into high quality dairy products. YUMMY Dairy cream cheese is a high-quality cream cheese brand that comes from fresh and natural produce that available in two variants, cream cheese Neufchatel and cream cheese light.

Cream cheese itself is categorized as a fresh cheese which has short shelf life. Means the product should be refrigerated even if unopened to prevent it from spoiling. Should be easy to differentiate the regular cheese product with cream cheese product. More than the usual cheese, cream cheese must contain at least 33 percent milk fat with a moisture content of no more than 55 percent.

The first product, cream cheese Neufchatel which the names comes from the authentic French cheese, Neufchatel, labelled as reduced fat cream cheese. Mainly used as the ingredients for cheesecake and sponge cake the product relatively less sour than the other product being offered. The fat content of the YUMMY Dairy cream cheese Neufchatel is 30% and has longer shelf life up to 10 weeks.

YUMMY Dairy cream cheese light is the second product from the soft cheese series. Different from the previous product, the shelf life of the cream cheese light only up to 6 weeks and contain 14% fat content, lesser than the Neufchatel product. The taste is a little bit stronger, so it could be used as ingredients to add cheesy flavour for all the kind of cakes or dessert recipe.

Both products above categorized on the short shelf life dairy products. Freshness is the key, YUMMY Dairy ensure that its products being produce without preservatives.

From the Neufchatel to the light cream cheese product, you could be creative and combine it to your secret recipes as you’ve liked from dessert to main dish. YUMMY Dairy cream cheese products easy to be applied as the basic ingredients both in baking and dessert recipe.

YUMMY Dairy bring you the homemade taste with the high standard procedure through its dairy product! Another thing to add to your grocery list, a wonderful cream cheese product!