Health Benefits of Yogurt for Child!

Health Benefits of Yogurt for Child!

This dairy delight can satiate your sweet tooth and make a nutritious addition to mealtimes. Labeledassuperfood, the ice-cream-like food is great to be added on your growing kids healthy menu plan!

What Are The Health Benefits of Yogurt for The Kids?

Yogurt is an excellent source of protein that highly absorbable which also a great source of calcium forstrong teeth and bones, that is important for the kids growing at such rapid states. Eating yogurt can alsohelp to regulate their digestive system and prevent diarrhea and constipation. Consume it regularly helpto boost the immune system, lessen the probability of our kids to get sick.

It is important to maintain a healthy menu plan for our kids. Yogurt can help to build protein-rich dietforkids without eating too much meat. Which is good for the balance healthy diet menu during theirrapidgrowing period.

Not common to hear but yogurt can help treating insomnia on your kids. Insomnia can be reduced greatlyby giving yogurt to your child.

What Age Can Kids Start to Eat Yogurt?

The superfood is generally regarded to be safe for babies. Pediatricians suggest that yogurt can be

introduced to babies around 7-8 months of age. Selecting the whole milk yogurt is the most beneficial toyour infant babies, but for the older ones its generally okay to follow the less is good rule in consumeyogurt. Means that the better one is the plain one.

Serving Suggestions

Yogurt is extremely versatile and can be used in anything from salad dressing to homemade fruit pops.Moms can make it rather as after school summer treat rather than eating chores by serving the superfood in a creative way.Just make sure to follow the bottom line for serving yogurt to your kid, the plain one with no added sugarvarieties is the best one for the kids. Adding sliced fresh fruits, mashed it and mix it together, making afrozen yogurt, many recipes can work!

For its rich proteins, source of calcium and good bacteria, YUMMY Daily Yoghurt can be your choice for itsnatural plain, fruits yoghurt and Greek yoghurt varieties to help your children grow faster and strengthens their immune system!