Healthy Recipe With Cream Cheese: Skinny Vegetable Cream Cheese Dip

Hearing cream cheese as an ingredient on a dish makes us think that the food would be a sin. But don’t worry, not every dish with the cream cheese is a guilty pleasure, but most of it is, but it can also be a healthy hearty decent meal.

The recipe below is a solution on the time when we need to have a decent meal but get bored with the usual menu plan. When you need a healthy food menu to balance your intake but also want to make something different from the usual menu plan.

Here is the recipe of an easy meal plan that can go well for every meal time and also super easy to prepare, a vegetable cream cheese dip.


12 oz YUMMY Cream Cheese Light at room temperature

1 cup of YUMMY Greek Yoghurt

1 tsp Worcestershire sauce

1 tsp soy sauce

1 medium large – carrot, peeled and finely shredded

1 cup finely chopped fresh broccoli

1/3 medium red bell pepper, finely dices

1/3 medium red or sweet white onion, finely dices (to reduce the strong taste of it, soak it for 15 minutes in cold water after dicing)

½ tsp salt and 1/8 tsp pepper (more or less to taste)


Combine all the ingredients in a medium bowl, taste and season with additional salt and pepper as desired. Refrigerate and serve shilled. You can add any other ingredients to mix as your likeness, you can use scallion or chives.

If you find the recipe above too much, you can make the easier one with YUMMY Cream Cheese Light and salsa. Just mix both if it with blender, add the ingredients that you like, then refrigerate it.

Both of the recipes above work great for veggies, crackers, baguette, toasted or everything in between!